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“ Look! How  Avoda  helped Mudmee have a brighter world! ”

At the northernmost point of Thailand, surrounded by mountains in Chiang Rai province, Wiang Kaen district, in a small village, there's a little girl named Mudmee from the Eumian ethnic group. She grew up with her grandparents because her parents had to work elsewhere.

Mudmee had a dream - she wanted an education like other kids. She wanted to go to school, meet friends, have teachers to teach her, and aspire to have a good career. However, she lacked the opportunity for all of this. This made her feel sad and disappointed, knowing that she couldn't have the same chances as other children. It was a source of sorrow and self-doubt, to the point where she blamed herself constantly. This had negative effects on her mental health, leading to anxiety and even issues with her physical health, including eating. Furthermore, she faced a significant challenge - there wasn't enough money for her to attend school.

The Avoda Foundation recognized her problem and aimed to help her. Their goal was to provide Mudmee with an opportunity for education by supporting her school fees and transportation costs. This way, Mudmee wouldn't have to worry about expenses to go to school.

In addition to educational support, as Mudmee grew up, her life changed significantly. She made friends, got to know God, and developed faith and hope. She learned to express herself confidently, sing, dance, and acquire new skills. All of this led to her desire to give back and contribute more to society. Currently, she is working at the Avoda Church and expresses her gratitude to God and Avoda for their support.




Have you ever felt down in life, like Mudmee did? How did you overcome it? If you want to help other children have a chance like Mudmee, you can contribute by sharing our story with your loved ones or helping us through prayer for Mudmee and our work.

Madmee's received help from the Avoda Foundation, and it's made her want to help others even more. If you want to help Madmee or the Avoda Foundation, you can share our story with people you love, people you know, or help by praying for Madmee and our work.


Story 11 SEPTEMBER 2023

"That's great! Ann can now go to school!"

"Ann has been a student at the Avoda Learning Center since kindergarten, starting at the age of 5. She is a diligent and dedicated student with a clear goal of becoming a teacher in the future and helping other children just as she has been supported.

However, Ann's father has faced financial difficulties for several months, which has been quite challenging. He is an asylum seeker, and he lacks legal status in Thailand, placing them in a precarious situation. Furthermore, the economic conditions in Thailand are not favorable, and they face additional pressure from local factors, such as the minimum wage for Thai workers being 300 Baht per day, whereas Ann's father earns only 150 Baht per day. This has left them with insufficient income to support her education. Consequently,

Ann had to make a difficult decision – whether her elder sister or she should continue their education. Education for Ann required expenses for transportation, which her father couldn't afford. This meant that neither Ann nor her sister had the funds to cover the transportation costs to school. This situation left Ann feeling sad and worried about having to choose who could continue their education.

Ann has a clear goal of completing her education and finding employment. She aspires to build a warm family and legally stay in Thailand. She firmly believes in her ability to manage and the support of God. Whenever the church is open, she actively participates in its activities and diligently studies the Bible until completing the courses taught by the teachers. Additionally, she volunteers to spread the word of God every week.

However, after several months, Ann's father remains unemployed, leading to ongoing financial difficulties. To address this issue, we made the decision to provide assistance with transportation to ensure that Ann could continue her education. Ann is delighted and grateful for this support, which means she does not have to discontinue her studies.

Ann is thankful to her teachers and the Avoda Learning Center for their help, which enables her to stay in school. She recognizes that this assistance is a result of God's grace and hopes to complete her education, become a good role model for her younger siblings, and contribute to their future."


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