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History December 9, 2022

(Photo: about 150 families = 700 people are hiding in the forest)

Hello dear friends and fellow campaigners for the kingdom of God in Thailand.

As you know, since the military coup in Burma, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to Thailand. The refugees are hiding and therefore cannot take up work. There is hunger. With the Burmese teachers of the Avoda School in Maesot we are designing a project for the refugees:

1. To bring food regularly.
2. To offer healing through the Word of God to traumatized people.


These two brave girls have just been baptized. We also link the Food-Aid program to spiritual nourishment. A total of 37 souls have already been baptized in this forest.


This girl (14) was raped while fleeing to Thailand. Thank the Lord she met helpful Christians.


The men are at war in Burma or have been killed.
Apart from their lives and a few utensils, these people have nothing.
They just want to live in peace.


The men in Burma are at war or have been killed.
Apart from their lives and a few utensils, these people have nothing.
They just want to live in peace.

รูปภาพ WhatsApp 2565-12-08 เวลา 19.01.15.jpg

About a third of the refugees are professing Christians.
We must not deny them the help they need.

Only teamwork makes the dream work.

We can't do it alone.
We cordially invite you to participate in the project.

1. Please pray.
Please pray that the Lord will entrust us with the means to bring food to the hungry on a regular basis.

2. Come as a volunteer.
This is not an easy task - but volunteers can bring what they have learned to these fellow believers in the congregations.
In English: music, art, games - so that the children can escape the cruel reality for a short time.
You can teach the children to pray - then the LORD will lead them.

3. You are also welcome to contribute financially. Food will be distributed for donations.

To All Nations e.V.
Kreissparkasse Mayen
IBAN: DE38 5765 0010 0098 0278 73
Please note: Reference: 70-150-01 Burma Help AVODA

In the next few weeks, Ploy and Raimund will be traveling a lot in the Burma/Thai border area.

We train the Avoda employees so that Burmese people in need get to know the LORD Jesus and follow HIM.

* Please pray for safety on the journey.
* Please pray for wisdom.
* Please keep us in your prayers.

The Lord Jesus bless you.

Your missionaries in Thailand

Raimund and Ploy Homberg

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