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Avoda Foundation
registered non-profit organization
Reg. No. reg #: 53/2555

21/4 M.7 T.Numreum, A.Muang Tak,
Tak 63000, Thailand
Tel : +66 94 601 3331
Website: www.avodafoundation.org

Email : office (at) avodafoundation.org 

The work started in 1991.
The foundation was registered in 2009.


What we do:

Avoda empowers futureless children, youth, and young adults, who want to find sustainability for themselves and their families to know and walk with God, enjoy life and help others.

We are:

the Avoda Foundation in Thailand.
rescue, teach, and train.
Our target group:
is futureless children, youth, and young adults in Thailand.
What does the target group want:
they want a sustainable life for themselves and their families.
The target group will change:
They will know and walk with God, enjoy life, and help others.

Our Vision
We see former futureless children, youth, and young adults in Thailand living a dignified, sustainable life for the Glory of God.


Our Mission
* Avoda's teachings and training are outcome-driven.

Avoda cooperates with businesses in Thailand to find the right Avoda Trainee for open positions.
* With a range of assessment strategies, Avoda selects the aspirants who will match job requirements.
Avoda Trainees learn how to apply biblical wisdom into daily life successfully.
Avoda Trainees participate in a one-year behavior and skill training.
The teaching focuses on character building, responsibility, problem-solving, accountability, loyalty, honesty, teamwork, critical thinking.
The training's outcome is a long-term change.
All Avoda Trainees receive one-on-one life coaching during their training.

SME Empowering Project
Many small and medium-sized business owners lack HR skills.
The Avoda SME Empowering Project conducts tailor-made employee training. The goal is to help SMEs to create a safe and meaningful employee culture. The expected results are: employees work with more joy and efficiency, and SMEs cut costs and increase revenue.

We see former futureless children, youth, and young adults in Thailand living a dignified, sustainable life for the Glory of God.


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Our Story

While living in the rural and poverty struck area of Tak province in Thailand, the Homberg family realizes that if villagers don't change their mindset, they have no chance to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. In 1991 the family started the "Village Development Projects" as a private initiative. 

The family uses the wisdom and strategies of the ancient Holy Scriptures, the Bible, as a life handbook. 

Raimund recalls, "As a student of the Holy Scriptures, I know that the Bible is the handbook of life. Western civilization prospered because governments applied biblical wisdom to state affairs. Also, we can find the roots of science in biblical concepts. Before, many cultures developed great knowledge bases. The Greek thinkers conducted debates to search out a matter. The biblical teaching goes more profound with the command to test everything. So, if a researcher publishes papers, other researchers are commanded to test the results. Either the results are approved or attacked. Check and balance. The truth is not afraid of questions. 

These concepts devolved into scientific methods. 

The Bible contains proven strategies for self-and society development, health, financial, and business matters. Short: I use the Holy Bible as my guidebook for development work."


The first project was the manufacturing of alum crystal body deodorants for export markets. With the revenue of this flourishing venture, more training and projects receive financing.

Such as:

Hand-made wood furniture for the UK art market,

and hand-made pottery (from Sukhothai) as well for the UK art market.


A hand-made crafted mulberry paper production allowed villagers to produce various hand-made paper products, such as gift boxes and greeting cards.


The German Embassy in Bangkok sponsors a woman weaving project.

In this handy craft project, hand-spinning raw cotton produces yarn.

Ancient dying technics allow the weaving of artful fabrics.


The joint venture of ten Western embassies in Bangkok allows more collaborative projects and research of permaculture farming.


We form a village group to manage a small rice mill.


In 2009 Raimund and his wife Sriphai found the Avoda Foundation. 


Avoda is a Hebrew word with a twofold meaning; it stays for "work" and "worship." It means: our daily work is our daily worship of God Almighty.

Quality and accountability is the driving force of the work.


Members of the Avoda foundation discover that children whose families are in the poverty trap are in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking.


With the help of various aid organizations, the team coordinates a child rescue project. 


We enroll endangered children in counseling and training workshops.

The foundation also has a children's home to shelter children with special needs or who live in dangerous environments.


In 2021 the Avoda Foundation caters to over 400 children.


The Avoda Foundation is thankful that most managers and coworkers hail from the children's rescue projects. 


Children are growing up, receiving help and training, and naturally, many want to "payback" to society by helping to open branches. 


In 2021, Avoda has five branches from Thailand's north to Southern Thailand: in Chiang Rai, Maesot, Tak, Bangkok, and Khaolak.


Avoda Chiang Rai: 

Avoda in Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai, focuses on children of Iu Mien hill tribe communities. The location of Wiang Kaen is in the heart of the so-called Golden Triangle, one of the world's infamous drug trading areas. 

Avoda Chiang Rai provides a livelihood-skills evening school, counseling for children and families in need, a Christian congregation, and a Sunday School.


Avoda Maesot

The Avoda Foundation has a migrant school for over 150 Burmese children from nearby slum areas. 

Students receive primary Thai and Burmese education, a warm meal, and life skill training.

The school initiates bible study groups inside the slum area.


Avoda Tak

Avoda Tak is the Head Quarter, and it has a children's home for 20 children and coordinates training. 

A tent-maker training facility for Thais and foreigners is under construction.


Avoda Bangkok

Avoda Bangkok coordinates tent-maker projects.

Avoda Bangkok works since 2020; the goal is to create employment and small business opportunities.


Avoda Khaolak

The work in Pang Nga province in Souther Thailand grows out of the Tsunami aid project. After the deadly Tsunami waves in 2004, Avoda helped people with counseling and practical aid. 

A small Christian congregation caters to elderly, disabled people.




We are at the cross of two essential trend lines:

  1. Children grow and become young adults to build a family and support their families at home.

  2. The devastating results of the Covid19 political measures destroy countless small businesses in Thailand.  


The SMALL BUSINESS (Tent-Maker) PROJECT initiates, mentors, and coaches teens and young adults to start and grow a small business.

Meet The Team

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