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1'000 TEENS 

We care for more than 1'000 vulnerable children.

1'000 TEENS 

AVODA FOUNDATION aims to train in 2023

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During the horrible Nazi Holocaust, the German industrialist Oskar Schindler saved the lives of 

over 1'200 Jews. Schindler made a list of his Jewish employees and found ways to prevent them 

from being deported to death camps. "Schindler's List" inspired us to register and list endangered  teens. Every teen on the Avoda List is mentored and cared for. While mentoring and training the  enlisted teens, the Avoda team also keeps contact with their families and tries to mentor them.

"Rescue those being led away to death..."

(The Holy Scriptures, Proverbs 24.11)

Children and teens in impoverished environments are easy targets for unscrupulous human  traffickers. 

Enrolling vulnerable teens in the Avoda mentoring program protects them against slavery.



1. When it comes to how the Bible helps to fix life…For I, the Bible is a life guide that always has a solution. make me feel at peace Less stress and happier life. When I takes the Scriptures (Jeremiah 29:11) as the basis for living“God knows the plans for us. It is a plan for welfare. Not to hurt us But in order to give us a future and hope.” When I knows that every problem that arises, whether it's work or daily life. No matter how bad it is, everything happens according to God's will. for I to learn grow and prepare for the work of the Lord therefore making Toei feel empowered to live life…

( Tuey )

2. Will the Bible help us see what is wrong? The sins I have committed clearly It gives us a sense of self in our sins. and suffering from sin by requesting reconciliation to God and with abandoning that sin that will never be committed again in our lives. As it is said in the Bible that...
“I have stored your words in my heart. so that I may not sin against you.”
Psalm 119:11 ( Lo )

3. Hello, my name is Preaw. I used to work in a factory. And that factory has been closed during Covid-19. Makes me have no income for 5 months and I try to go to the forest in case of finding forest products to sell. But the money earned from selling the forest was not enough to pay for the house. Then one day I turned to Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” And I began to pray to God. After two minutes, I Then came another verse, Psalm 70:5, “But I am poor and needy. Lord Hurry and help me. O Lord please don't delay Thou art my helper and savior.” I began to pray again. Two weeks ago God answered my prayer. Let me come back to work at the Avoda Foundation. And I also want to thank God for giving me Psalm 70:5. Thank God for never leaving me when I'm in trouble. ( Preaw )

4. The Bible is my guide. The Bible changed my life from one person to another. I learned a lot from the Bible and when I read the Bible I always had new ideas. I'm very impressed with how I grew up. The Bible made me more aware of myself and understood more. And my favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 19:20, “Listen to advice and receive instruction that you may gain wisdom for the future.”

( Suki )

Every enrolled teen is a member of certain closed online groups. In these groups, members and  mentors share information and answer questions. 

Every teen is also enrolled in a coaching/mentoring program that empowers them to master and live  fulfilling lives. 

You will receive monthly reports on how your investment in the life of vulnerable teens is used. 

All Avoda mentors are former rescued teens eager to save and mentor others. 

Imagine: for the cost of a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, we can prevent two teens  from being trafficked into a life of hell.

Any help is welcome. 

You may help with a one-time gift or decide to engage in long-term efforts.

On a case-by-case basis, impoverished teens also receive financial aid to cover the cost of  transportation to school, school fees, etc. 

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