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Avoda team

Updated: Feb 15

Hello dear friends, greetings from Thailand, from the Avoda team.

We are here in Thailand to help build the Kingdom of God so that Thai people can experience what God has prepared for them.

Our work involves rescuing teens in danger of falling into human trafficking. After rescuing them, we provide training, and these teens then become helpers and managers. They assist in giving out food aid to hungry refugees along the Burmese border. While distributing food aid, we also share the Word of God and lead these people to Christ. Wonderful, isn't it?

In the Bible, we learn that our fight is not against people. Our true enemies are in the spiritual world —Satan and his devil.

So, what can we do? There's one solution: because our God is mighty, when we pray, He answers and helps. We need many

people to join and keep praying for the Avoda team.

Having many prayer members is crucial because if one falls, the others can stand up. Teamwork makes a dream work, and

faithful prayer is our weapon.

We thank God for the visions He continues to give the Avoda team and His guidance, helping us reach the goals He has set for


Now, a question for you: would you like to join this journey of faith?

If you're reading this text, you are already involved. Consider whether you'd like to be more

engaged, to pray more. Perhaps you can set aside a specific time each week to pray for the work in Thailand.

Imagine, one day we all stand before His throne in heaven, and books are opened.

The King of kings reads and says, "Well done, my good servant." Wow.

Remember, teamwork makes a dream work, and praying teams are winning teams.

Yes! I will pray with you.

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