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Civil war in Myanmar

Unfortunately, the situation of civil war in Myanmar is escalating, and the country is at risk of splitting into different factions. (The media is silent about it!) Consequently, an increasing number of refugees are seeking shelter in Thailand. Thankfully, the Thai government is providing protection to the refugees (please pray for Thailand and invoke the blessings of the LORD). Due to the rising influx of refugees, firewood is becoming scarce. Despite our efforts to provide rice to the people, many are struggling to cook it due to a shortage of firewood and an inability to afford liquefied petroleum gas. The refugees have requested ready-made meals, and in response, we sought your

help through prayer. Our team of chefs has achieved an incredible feat.

As you may be aware, following the Avoda standard, our food aims to be highly nutritious to address the needs of malnourished refugees, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. We have developed two distinct rice soups:

  1. One is prepared using the nutritious leaves of the Mexican spinach tree and then dried.

  2. The other is cooked with valuable turmeric roots and delicately dried.

Both soups incorporate Himalayan minerals to restore the body's mineral balance and include essential trace elements. Each meal is carefully dried and packaged in hygienically sealed bags. As an extra touch, we have also included dried vegetables and chicken. Everything is crafted with love by the Avoda team. We are currently in the testing phase and earnestly seek your prayers for the successful production of larger quantities of this life-saving food.



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