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Over 10'000 MIGRANTS

are facing acute food insecurity in Thailand 

2'000 migrants are within our reach.
We must help!

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Many Burmese villagers encounter themselves trapped in a dilemma: 

• Returning to their country in civil war may kill them. 

• Staying in Thailand without proper documents prevents them from finding legal work to buy  food.

The Avoda Foundation stops refugee starvation by distributing CRISIS FOOD AID.


Imagine that Avoda can feed one person three healthy meals per day for a single cup of coffee.



1. Thank you very much for you coming and donating food when our family has no job and struggling to make ends meet. It is life or death for families with children like mine.

2. Thank you for coming to our family unexpectedly and providing us with food when we were having a difficult time with no jobs. I pray that you will reap many benefits for giving like this.


A starving person needs both nutrition and calories. 

The Avoda Food Aid delivers vital nutrition AND sufficient calorie energy. 

The majority of Western-made emergency foods suit Western tastes and tongues. As a result,  starving Asians may be unable to eat sufficient food and suffer malnutrition. 

Asian food experts created AVODA FOOD AID. It is, therefore, very effective because it matches  the preferences of the suffering people. Children especially love AVODA FOOD AID. 

One food pack provides energy-rich nutrition three times per day for 30 days.


Content: 1 Box =  100 meals

* Rice (Starch and Protein) 6 kg

* Energy Bars (High Energy, High Nutrition) 1.7 kg

* NamDip (A spicy and Nutritious Sauce. Rich in proteins. Asians love it) 1 kg
* Dried Bananas. (Nutritous) 2 kg

* Peanuts, roasted (High Energy) 3 kg

Alum Stone (stops the itching of insect bites, disinfects minor wounds, stops bleeding of minor  injuries, safely removes dangerous leeches)

1 crt = 100 meals: USD 55.0 
Cost per meal: USD 0.55

(The cost includes transport, distribution, and follow-up meetings)

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